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The Complete Guide to Hiring Man and Van in Paddington

Moving house can be a stressful and laborious task that requires time and lots of money. It can cost you a lot of money and effort if you are not prepared for the move. Organising a house removal can be a difficult process especially if you don’t know what you are doing or if you are moving home for the first time. Follow this guide and you will experience a hassle-free and smooth move.


Make a moving checklist


You should go through all your items and determine the things you will take with you in Paddington area. Make a list of the items you will take with you and pile up the things you will not take with you. The checklist should include all the aspects of the removals process including booking man with a van company, packing, arranging charge of address and other administrative tasks. Set a moving date and make a decision whether you will move on your own or you will hire a man and van company in Paddington.


Get rid of the clutter


The next step is to get rid of the items you will not take with you. You can either sell them online if you have enough time before moving day or dispose of them. You can organise a garage sale or visit a car boot sale and make some money from your clutter. If you don’t have enough time to organise the sale you can transport your items to the nearest recycling centre in Paddington. It would be cheaper to dispose of the clutter than to pay the man with a van company to move it to your new home.


Shop around for quotes


If you plan on moving house using a man and van service then you need to do a research and find the best man and van Paddington service. Contact local man and van companies and compare the quotes they will offer you. If you want to get an accurate quotation you should give them all the details of your move including the date you have chosen, the number of items you will move, the number of rooms, etc. Compare the prices for man with a van services and choose the company that offered you the best price. The man with a van should be able to accommodate both your budget and removal needs.


Book with a man and van company


Choose a date and time that fits around your schedule and then make sure that the man with a van company is available on that day. Reserve your appointment with the man with a van service of your choice and ask them whether they offer packing services. Keep in mind that you can get a great deal in Paddington if you use more than one service as most man and van companies will offer you a discount in this case.


Buy removal boxes and packing materials


If you have decided to pack on your own you should prepare the packing supplies and boxes before you start the packing process. Make sure that you get enough packaging in order to avoid having to buy extra packing supplies at the last minute. This will slow down the entire removals process and make it more daunting.


Start packing


Pack room by room and label the boxes as soon as you fill them with your items. This will make the unpacking process more efficient and much easier. Make sure that fragile items are packed carefully and each item is individually wrapped before being put in the box. Use capital letters to write FRAGILE to make sure that the items will be delivered to your new home in one piece.


Pack a box of essentials


Pack a box that includes the essential items you will need on the first day in your new abode. You should pack towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, snacks, and sheets to make the transition easier. This should be the last box to pack and the first one to unpack. You can transport it in your car to make sure it will be close at hand when you need it. This will make the removals process more organised.


Start unpacking as soon as you arrive in your new home. Unpack room by room and put everything in order while unpacking. Unpacking is the final step of the home removals process. Collect the used packing materials and boxes and prepare them for recycling as most of them are recyclables. You can use some of the boxes for storage purposes but you will not need most the used boxes.


Be systematic and you will enjoy a problem-free and exciting house removal.

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